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About Green Building project

Modern buildings that protect the environment and your finances

a-green The main objective of the Green Buildings project is to overcome the present information barrier in the construction and reconstruction of residential buildings. The project’s output will be an information gateway on the web for the general public and two panel discussions for professionals.

  • The information gateway will provide a simple and straightforward guide and encouragement for implementing sustainable construction projects and energy savings in households (more on
  • The two panel discussions are aimed at sharing experience between professionals and less-informed Czech specialists in the reconstruction, construction and financing of environmentally sustainable buildings, looking at larger projects and buildings.

a-green The project seeks though both those activities to increase the demand for the construction and reconstruction of quality buildings that take the environment into account. The aim is to contribute to the expansion of green buildings in the Czech Republic.

Project team:


Ing. Petr Vogel

consultant, EkoWATT - The Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency


Ing. Petr Kotek, Ph.D.

consultant, EkoWATT - The Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency


Mgr. Jakub Holovský

employee of the Institute of Physics of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic


Ing. Tomáš Kliegr

assistant at the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics, University of Economics, Prague