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Challenge Europe

a-green Launched in 2008, Challenge Europe is the European part of the British Council’s global climate protection programme. It is a three-year project running in 15 European countries and its aim is to speed up the transformation into a low greenhouse gases emissions society through cooperation, innovation, enthusiasm and knowledge sharing.

a-green In each country, a group of young personalities work together as “climate advocates” to identify new ways to reduce CO2 emissions or to find innovative applications for methods that have already been discovered. Each national group encompasses a broad range of skills, attitudes, ideas and professions.

a-green The groups look for, gather and develop a number of ideas, with a view to ultimately reaching agreement on a few specific concepts. These are concepts the advocates believe will genuinely be able to cut CO2 emissions, for example by changing the law, business practice or human behaviour.

a-green The outcome of the project is a European network of over 200 young personalities working together to develop more than 40 specific, tangible ideas. In an endeavour to put these ideas into practice, in spring 2009 the groups will present them to the general public, including leading experts, philanthropists, business organisations and entrepreneurs.

a-green Under the programme the British Council is working actively with a number of organisations and experts from the business, non-governmental, environmental and academic communities. Through these partnerships the British Council is supporting the climate advocates in their efforts.

Coordinator of the project in the Czech Republic:

Jana Hecová
Partnerships and Projects Manager
British Council
Bredovský dvůr
Politických vězňů 13
110 00 Praha 1
T +420 221 991 132
M +420 724 027 452
F +420 224 933 847

Partners of the Challenge Europe project in the Czech Republic:

  • British Embassy Prague
  • Center for Transport and Energy
  • Heinrich Böll Stiftung
  • Respekt Institut, o.p.s.
  • Czech University of Life Sciences, Prague
  • RWE Transgas
  • Energy Centre České Budějovice


The project takes place under the auspices of the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic.
The patron of the Czech climate advocates is senator Professor Bedřich Moldan.

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